musica da donna

Women composer's music is different, namely natural, original, creative, complex, surprising, touching, challenging and untamed, like women can be!

Even as a young violin pupil, I have been looking for women composers on the reverse side of the music sheets. During my music studies I was wondering again and again why so few women composers appeared or were not talked about. The teachers didn't show much interest in that topic and said things like "Women just aren't able to compose. They use a lot of musical ideas without developping them or if, then too little". I disliked such assertions but at that time I didn't go to the bottom of the matter.

For several years now I have been learning more about works and biographies of composing women. Suddenly a varied picture showed oneself: Women were from the beginning always a part of musical life, as organizers (musical salon), patrons (!), pupils, students, teachers, performers (especially singers and pianists) but also as composers.

Regarding chamber music, together with companioned musicians I explore the landscape of feminine musicality.